Abhijit Junnarkar Associate Vice President - India & Philippines at Ziff Davis Performance Marketing & Mamta Junnarkar Global Workforce Operation Lead-HSBC

Not sure from where should I start as I don’t want to sound like those TV commercials “Before Harish, my Financial state was hand to mouth and now we are Millionaire” ??. Well, jokes apart but today if we look back, we would really call yourself a fool who thought LIC, NSC and FD was the only way that a person could save and the result was though we were earning at par, there was no proper planning. Results were low returns on whatever investments we made, all types of loans, heavy credit card bills and a constant question in mind where we always compare ourself to other colleagues and think how can they afford a life like this when we are earning the same amount. We got in contact with Harish Naganna through a dear friend and our financial state at that time was a mess, there was no insurance cover, no educational planning for our son, tons of loans, heavy credit card bills. Harish first understood our exact requirements, what are our short-term and long-term goals. Then he explained his structured way of investment through Mutual Fund which clicked with us. Today, after 3 years of association with Harish that comparison never strikes us and it’s another way around that people now ask us how do we afford a lifestyle that we lead which is completely secured, loan free, everything is planned right from our son’s education abroad to our family vacation every year to the location we choose. Now, this what we would call living life king size…Thanks, Harish for all your efforts, and patience.

Rajeev Pande (General Manager - Operations & Franchise Development - Express Clinics)

I would like to thank you for the significant change and financial confidence you have brought about in both Leena and me and for helping us manage our Finances astutely. Not only are we very satisfied with your honesty, sincerity and committed approach to help & guide us but also with your knowledge and level of personalization, which is often missing or extremely rare in people in the service industry especially in India. Today, I find my personal risk managed better than ever before. I am also confident your help in reducing our debt burden, opening up opportunities for investment and management of liquid funds brought about a very positive impact .. I have no hesitation in mentioning that whilst we waited almost two years to enter into a business relationship, the journey so far has been very encouraging and one that hopes that will continue to increase the level of engagement we have with each other in the years to come. Both Leena and I wish you the very best in the years ahead…

Amit Virwal (Associate Vice President at MDI NetworX)

Today, I am very excited to write about Mr Harish as he is a true Santa as he gave me one of the best gifts of my life around 3 years ago. He gave me an understanding of Financial Freedom and guided me in creating financial goals and the most important thing, helped me in achieving my financial goals. He assisted me in drafting multiple goals like emergency, retirement, child education, domestic & international vacations. Also, he is ensuring that the monthly surplus and lump sum bonus are being invested according to my goals and priorities. He is continuously focusing on reducing my liabilities to give a boost to my net worth. He understands the importance of insurance and recommended the best possible options to have effective risk management. He comes HIGHLY recommended as he is a friend who’s needed by everyone who wants to create wealth and retire early. In other words, he acts like a hard taskmaster coach who is helping people to get into the national team.

Arun Pathak:- Head Business Development;- Essar Steel

I wanted to invest some lumsum full and final settlement money so I was referred by my friend but when I met him he changed the whole dimension for investments. He gave insights to all the life insurance policies that I had purchases through my close relative which I came to know that it was not in my best interest. So we did the entire family financial goals. Goals like which was very near and future goals like my daughter and son education. Now we park our monthly surplus in Mutual Funds,that too we have been instilled strict discipline by writing down our detailed monthly expenses and the surplus generated is been prudently invested based our requirements. We have realized that our hard earned money is not only for us now and when we retire but also for our children. Though we are late in starting the way it is done but in disguise we are happy that we are in right direction. Now We are on the right track for Investments and Year on Year We are increasing our Investments, the day we get our Salary Raise. Now we know the actual meaning of Savings and Investments He also a true professional but he is liked by all our family members. He is like an extended family friend who we know will be there with us

Amit Deshande:- Principal IT Analyst Cummins India Ltd

Harish has been my financial & retirement planning professional for last 4 years. He is quite knowledgeable on the various financial aspects & guides, mentors & enables his clients to do proper investment planning. He has provided good inputs on risk, investments management to me on right times. Today I feel satisfied with him as my financial consultant & am happy with his way of working

Saikumar Shanmugam (Managing Director - ITP India)

I have known Harish for over 20years, He has always offered sound financial Services based on my investment objectives as well as personal needs. He keeps in regular contact with and provides me with ongoing financial awareness on my needs and markets change. For me, Harish is one stop for all financial Services Like Mutual Fund, Home Loans, Health and Life Insurance.

Abhijit Sasane (Vice President - Accenture)

In personal space, Harish has been the very good friend but when it comes to professional finance Economy he has been like Army Major very disciplined and with focussed objective ??. Have been associated with Harish for last 4 years+ and have seen absolute +ve results in my finance thinking and outcomes that I have achieved. I recognize Harish as a best freelance Mutual Fund Distributor. Work with him he will make sure you meet your targets with right directions

Rakshyit Shukla (Head Central Team (COE), Agency at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance)

I have known Harish for a couple years now and during this time I have been very impressed with his competence not only with his wise and skilful placement of my money but also his very professional attitude. He regularly gets in touch with me and also visits me several times a year to review my situation and to make suggestions on any improvements he thinks I can make. His supportive nature during visits was so comfortable that my family members also don’t hesitate to discuss the financial matters with him. He has a proactive approach to his work and, after each visit, he later follows up also on the same. I have been more than pleased with Harish’s service and would highly recommend him

Sameer Saxena (BI Manager - Jade Global Software)

“I met with the founder of Aditya Finserv Harish Naganna, a number of months ago and have received nothing but a top-notch client experience ; Have always found them to be ethical, client-focused, and more than willing to go the extra mile for me and my personal goals; Have no hesitation whatsoever in referring them on to someone looking for a client-focused Mutual Fund Distributor

David Amalraj - Director (DEDL) / Sr.Vice President & Head at DLF Limited

Harish is a detailed oriented Mutual Fund Distributor, who watches your requirements like the hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. He is an expert in his trade, has good values, high integrity and produce great results. I’m blessed to have him as friend and he placed me on a comfortable track of my personal finance through these long four years.

Deepak Chaudhari Engineering Program Manager at Broadcom Inc ) & Karuna Arya :- Vice President:- Deutsche Bank

I started this journey on Investments in Mutual Fund, with Harish around a year back on the recommendation of one of my friends. And I am very glad that I believed in my friend’s advice. After our first meeting itself, I was convinced that I can really trust him with my hard earned money. He has good command and expertise in his area which makes people look at investments in a different angle. I just wish I could have met him a little earlier.

Dr Dhananjay Kumar Emeritus Professor (Dept of Mech. Eng., COEP, Pune), Principal Consultant (Coleman Research & GLG, USA),MD (EV) TPC-USA

I am knowing Mr.Harish for last few years and I am amazed at the depth of knowledge, extremely cooperative and down to earth individual, he is and moreover a professional to his core and the person with the high degree of integrity. Whenever I come across a famous adv. on TV about Insurance consultant with a very high degree of integrity, hitherto I remember him and I always wish all success to a professional of his class

Awadhesh Singh Transaction Advisory | Lease Management | Asset Management | Project Management

Hi, Harish it’s been a long journey and I still remember the way you encouraged me to start investing early in life. Initially, we started we few thousand Rupees as SIP and you kept on motivating me to increase the investment, today I have better investments lying in the form of SIP and can withdraw the moment I want. Really thanks Harish and your advice are always appreciated I make more money every time I take your help . Thanks for your professional approach. It was indeed difficult to find a Friend and a Mutual Fund Distributor like you who has great domain knowledge of investment and the way you follow up and put up a Strong Desire for Savings it’s really commendable. Thanks for your guidance all this while and because of you I have done good saving in just a couple of years.

Prashant Puranik (Senior Project Manager - Tech Mahindra Limited)

We are engaged with Harish for Mutual Fund Investments for 6.5+ years now. Harish developed matured approach towards small or large financial decision. We could make long pending financial decisions with guidance of Harish. He brings financial discipline in your spending and provides a roadmap for you based on your future plans. We are happy with his services and would recommend him as a Mutual Fund Distributor

Dr Shilpa Shetty

Aditya Finserv was the firm which I had approached a year ago… like any other finance company this place did not push me to simply increase my contribution towards mutual funds… but it instilled an attitude to save money and taught me how to curb unnecessary expenses. I am thankful to Harish to make me realise and actually taught me( Needs and Want ) whats Emergency Savings, Luxury Saving, Mandatory Savings, Short Term and Long Term Goals and Put a Thought on Whenever I need to Invest, a Goal or Objective has to be There and then one can have alternatives.

Aditya Joshi (Test Analyst - Infosys)

Honestly Explaining Mutual Funds with easy Jargons to people is one thing and after considering all their financial aspects and correctly investing and Regular Review with them is another. Harish pulls this off with great panache. He has strong knowledge in the Insurance and Mutual Funds which makes him an important person to have in your financial arsenal. Thank you very much for helping us to achieve our financial independence. He has expanded his horizons and has ventured into Home loans too. Best of luck for your endeavours in this sector.

Prachi Solankurkar (Project Lead - Syntel Ltd)

Harish Naganna is a good Mutual Fund Distributor. Earlier I was doing investment without any professional advice.. but later realized that I need to consult a Proffessional who could advise me in selecting right investment options and achieve my goals. I am doing investment in Mutual Funds by way of SIP for the last 6 years with Harish and I am happy with my returns.

Amegha Nandode (Software Engineer - Siemens PLM)

Harish is a trustworthy and reliable person. He has deep and detailed knowledge of finances and is very punctual when it comes to service. Hope he continues the work in the same way…

Dhruv Dubey (General Manager Human Resources at Spencer's Retail Limited)

I was earning and wasting money. My savings after about 13 years of service were minimal. Harish has brought a lot of financial wisdom in my life. I am confident about my financial stability now and happy that my savings are invested well. His approach is of cautious growth. Each penny is valued and thought through before investing. He has covered risks well and has planned for money growth as per our family’s financial goals. His guidance has helped to have a balance between the need to save money for future needs and to use it for current aspirations. He brings a lot of foresight and has simplified the complex financial world for me and my family. Overall he is a very competent and credible person. A great Friendly Professional to have along. I have cherished our relationship. I am happy that you are doing well. With your commitment and capability I am sure you will make it really big.

Jayanta Biswas (General Manager Global)

4 years back Harish Naganna was strongly referred to me by my colleague. I took almost a year to start with, but he kept on educating me on personal finance and had a great patience to understand my queries. He explained me the Importance of investing my FD money in mutual funds to save tax and to generate a better returns. Looking at my conservative nature and after discussing about the personal milestone that i would want to achieve he then recommended me couple of mutual funds. He stressed on developing emergency corpus for two years and keeping separate bucket for medical emergencies for family members. Today when I think back I found it was really helpful & I should have not wasted initial year. Focus on goals for my aspirations is what I think no body ever told me. Harish did that with great simplicity. He explained complex jargon with simple examples, which has helped me have a stress free life. The kind of financial discipline he brought in is really commendable. Personal bonding with family members is great which helps us to take a consensus & conscious financial decision for our long-term benefits. The icing on the cake was that we share the same birthday. Having Harish as friend and guide is one of the significant things that has happened to my life. I am sure Harish will reach great height in his dynamic professional career. Wish you great time ahead !

Shrirang Phate :- General Manager Performance and Emissions development at John Deere

Life transformation! This is the only reaction that I have when asked what about effect association with Harish has done on our family. All of us are mostly well qualified and experienced in our respective fields of work, but ironically, we are financially illiterate! This is especially true when it comes to planning for personal finances. We spend long hours and do a very meticulous planning when it comes to doing personal finance for our work like budgeting, AOP, etc. However, it is so surprising that we are completely ignorant when it comes to planning for self and family….. Harish explained us key aspects of personal finance Economy, which includes risk management and , home budget management, planning for short term and long term family goals, vacation planning and retirement planning. Few specific examples where I really got to realize the importance ,that I had started with Harish are: 1. I had a very narrow escape last year while travelling from an almost fatal accident. Believe it or not, but at that fatal moment also I had a quick comforting thought that my family is secured through the risk management I have done with Harish! 2. We have started enjoying a family vacation every year for the places that we always wanted to visit and that too without any worry for financial burden! 3. We are could comfortably take decision for our daughter’s education very recently as financially we were already prepared, it was just matter of choosing the right course of her liking Harish has become an integral part of our family and this association has truly enriched our life. For those have not yet started this journey I sincerely request to start it right NOW! You need not have extra money for investment which is a general misconception and ALL You need is to be disciplined. And I can tell you with my experience that it only adds lots of peace and happiness to your life as you get a feeling that you are in control of your life. To us, this was the key contribution Harish made to our life! Thanks, Harish and wish you very best for all your endeavors!

Sathish Rajendran Chief Operating Officer & Head - Facilities & Asset Services India at Knight Frank & Board of Director at CoreNet Global & Ashima Saini (Senior Manager - Purvankara Limited )

“My wife and I met HARISH in 2009. We knew how to earn money and knew how to spend money but when it came to investments, we knew nothing and wanted to learn. After meeting with Harish, we took on his recommendations on different kinds of Mutual Fund Investments and here we are 9 years and extremely pleased with the decision we made. We are absolutely delighted with your services, guidance and would like to express our thanks for the work you have done for us over the past years. The expertise and attention to detail with which you have handled our financial affairs could not be faulted. Particularly reassuring to us is our feeling of certainty in the absolute integrity of your dealings with us. Your continual review has helped us to improve our habits and helped us save for our future and various other goals. May you prosper, along with your clients.”

Swapneel Doshi Vice President & Head Delivery Transformation and RMG Function at Atos Syntel)

Harish was referred by my senior colleague a couple of years back but somehow I started a year back with him. Though we had not started still he was there to answer my queries. He is a friendly professional person to be introduced in the family. Though I had my detailed excel which I used to update on a regular basis when we discussed I realized that I could be biased on taking financial decisions. Also, I realized that I had invested heavily in one Asset and still inclined to do more that’s when I realized that a couple of things was not in our favours like liquidity and maintenance. Also, much of the money was invested through the Bank RM which was invested in insurance which we realized that it was not according to our Goals. But now are very focused on investing our monthly savings into mutual funds through SIP and we are very sure of having our investment in all the financial instruments in the right proportion. He is also a topic of discussion when we friends meet. I wanted my friends also to get benefited from his professional guidance, so I have referred my Friends for learning & guidance in the financial arena. Another great characteristic that Harish has, is to always ready to help and be there attitude – that makes his different from rest of crowd

S Ramprasad:- President at BlueConch Technologies - UST Global Portfolio Company.

I have known Harish Naganna for several years. During the last few years, Harish has been investing my money in Mutual Funds on short term and long term Products. He has a strong understanding . He aligns it optimally to ensure long-term goals are met without losing sight on short-term liquidity needs. His unbiased and prudent timely based services has helped me make good decisions and has resulted in a good growth of my financial investments. He also coaches people on making sound financial decisions related to income and expenditures. I appreciate his work ethics and discipline.

Adarsh Raj (Head Community Engagement at The/Nudge Foundation)

Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Mutual Fund Distributor. Harish had this and more. His dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets him apart. He is always contactable, courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes.

Mehul Dhruva (Vice President - Financial Services & Insurance Industry Head (North America) at Atos Syntel

Harish came with a recommendation from a colleague in Syntel and timing was right for me when I was trying to get myself organized around Personal Finance.. I found him very helpful and approachable (unlike typical financial sales folks) and sees the need of customer first before the commission. Tools are simple but effective

Keyur Shah (AGM - Supply Chain - Fiat India Automobiles )

I know Harish since 2008 when we met the first time for some insurance need. He changed my perception of insurance and investment. With his help, I could able to build a corpus, after dedicatedly investing in SIP in Mutual Funds, for my home down payment and could able to buy my own home in 2011. We became good friends thereon and I am always thankful to him to make me financially aware and disciplined investor.

Sunil Karandikar (Location Head Finance - Syntel )

Harish is a meticulous detailed integrated Mutual Fund Distributor.. Helps strategically seeing your long-term as well as short-term objectives. Always keeps client interest as foremost and goes that extra mile to help the client. A trusted partner to share your valuable financials for Investments in Mutual Funds,. Great investment guidance which helped me to tackle family medical emergencies without any hiccups Sound investment guidance for building a future required minimum corpus

Govind Dhume (Programme Manager - Symantec)

My collaboration with Harish started in early 2015 and has matured into one of friendship now. Harish is very methodical in his approach and his knowledge in Mutual Funds speak volumes . He has an excellent hold overall financial concepts and is very happy to share these without holding them to himself. Harish is always available and is just a call away irrespective of day or night. I would definitely recommend Harish to both newbies as well as veterans.

Pinakin Kankia (DGM Sourcing- Schindler India)

My wife and I were looking for a guide within our close circle who understand our resources and means, critically evaluate our goals and help us decide on the right Mutual Funds Selection. Harish is exactly like this. Since beginning our association, we consider him as an authority on financial matters. With his vast knowledge for right mutual funds products, he has helped us making progress towards prosperity.

Rajanish Joshi (Lead DBA - KPIT)

Has expert domain knowledge and share the true view with high integrity. Which personally helped me in my SIP in Mutual Funds. I highly recommend him.

Lt Col Shreesh Kumar (Retd) (General Manager (Projects) - Hind Terminals Pvt Ltd)

“Harish is a highly knowledgeable and thorough Mutual Fund Distributor who is very customer centric in his approach. He possesses good investment sense . He is Honest and Trustworthy in his dealings and would be an asset in any business relationship. We are really very Happy with his services”.

Shailesh Jain Function Director - Administration & Facilities at Fujitsu Consulting India

Harish is a detailed oriented mutual fund distributor who watches the schemes with great details without losing the sight of the clients objective. He knows the latest trends in the market and is always upbeat with up-to-date-info!

Tejas Patel Senior Buyer at Gerdau North America.

I came to know about Harish Naganna, through one of my friends when I was confused which policy will suit my requirements. I just called Harish to check if he can give some good suggestions and to my surprise, he changed my perception of investing in insurance products. I was just focused to on buying the policy which I had heard about, but Harish showed me a new way to evaluate the policy based on my personal needs. I recommend you get in touch for any investment-related in Mutual Funds and Life Insurance and you will find it very fruitful.

Mrs Namrata Bhagwat

I am Mrs Namrata Bhagwat age 48 years just would like to share with you all, “ that money is not everything” but still we need money in every phase of our life and we also need to save it for our hard times but most of us just think about today, thinking that later i will do it for my future or retirement . I too was of same mind set you can say didn’t have too much money when we started our married life then with all ups and downs in life I thought that I need to be serious about my Investments. Then I thought of Mr. Harish . Naganna who was my husband’s collegue . As my husband went to Saudi and I was left with all the things to be planned and managed all alone , somewhere I was not happy with my investments, basically I was doing it and all the money was in Life Insurance Plans suggested by the Bankers, and was not aware of where and how to invest , what are my goals etc. After meeting Mr. Harish i was happy and relieved the way he explained everything to me regarding what are my goals ? very important, my priorities ? My retirement plan , health insurance etc . Its been two years now and you all won’t believe that I have managed to do my daughter’s marraige without tension, as from where am I going to get such a huge amount , but friends when harish met me two years back I had told him this is what I have as investments and I am planning to get my daughter married in a year or two, so now you need to help me out other wise I will not be left with money for my retirement . Today if you ask me I am happy that I took a right decision of taking the help of Mr. Harish that I regret why I did not think of him few years back the story would have been different, but life is still beautiful and we need to enjoy every bit of it. So I am confident and trust Mr. Harish who is going to help me achieve my goal of retirement which he will plan in such a way that I am sure my retirement is going to comfortable and enjoyable. ‘ BEST OF LUCK ‘

Arabi Mohammed (Advance Enterprise Analytics Manager Zensar Technologies)

Harish is a no nonsense guy with lot of knowledge on Financial Market. I have known Harish for a decade now. He is known for his sincerity and hard work. His mantra of success is “Simplicity”. He is always available and provide ample time to discuss before any investment.

Dhiraj Shetty Uaexchange LLC- Dubai

Aditya Finserv is professional investment consultant firm lead by Mr Harish. He researches well on customers investment Needs ,Goals and guides well on your investment Objectives. He is well informed , Keep on spreading the purpose of investing right for customers

Pamel Kohli |Governance COE Lead Barclays Technology

We met Harish through my husband’s colleague about 9 years back. During our first meeting itself, Harish patiently explained to us the concept of Mutual Funds with Easy to Explain Words and investing in a planned and regular manner with the Surplus that we are generating on a regular Monthly Basis.. He helped us plan our Monthly expenditures and savings for us. He was quite patient with all our queries and always encouraged us to ask questions so we understand what we are getting into and always ensured that they are duly answered before going ahead with the investments. He continues to be approachable and helps resolves issues/queries in a timely manner. Thanks for all your help and guidance, Harish.