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Mutual Fund Distribution

We review our clients’ current and prospective financial situation, understand their specific goals and objectives, and then develop a practical and flexible plan to achieve those goals.

Planning: Our process begins with a detailed analysis of the client’s current financial situation. Creating projections of expenses and the income, we develop a model which helps us understand whether the client will have sufficient resources to achieve all of their goals. This strategy will not only provide the prospective return on investment which the client needs for the plan to work, but also is within the tolerance of the risk they are willing to take with their investments. It would be impossible for us to select the right assets for our clients without first gaining a clear understanding of their overarching financial goals.

Investment advice: Once we understand the client’s goals and risk tolerance, we create a strategy with the options available to the client to get them closer to their goals. Considering the initial asset base and an assumed annual rate of savings, we determine what rate of return is needed on the investment portfolio to achieve a client’s goals – or whether their spending, saving and retirement plans need to be adjusted.

We also present strategies to reduce taxes, reducing risk through insurance, and estate planning. At every stage, we ensure that our client understands the choices they are making and the steps needed to implement them.

Portfolio Assessment: Your investments are continuously tracked to make sure that your portfolio is progressing in the right direction and performing according to expectations. We review your financial plan regularly so that if there are changes in your goals, we can adjust strategies.

Our Wealth management capabilities are comprehensive and are broadly distributed into three categories:

Creating an emergency fund - An emergency fund is an account for funds set aside in case of the event of a personal financial dilemma, such as the loss of a job, a debilitating illness, or a recession in business. The purpose of the fund is to improve financial security by creating a safety net of funds that can be used to meet emergency expenses, as well as reduce the need to draw from high-interest debt options, such as credit cards or unsecured loans. 

Risk management -A core component of comprehensive financial planning is the management of financial risk. We help our clients prepare a buffer to cover the financial risk arising from death, disability, and disease (critical illness).

Retirement planning starts long before you retire -- the sooner, the better. The amount you need to retire comfortably is highly personalized and is defined by breaking down your goals and projecting expenses. Another long-term goal for most clients is saving for their children’s future. The best plans for this goal are designed to protect and finance the future of your child, like education and marriage, in case of your untimely demise, and at the same time builds a corpus over a term, to be utilised to finance prized moments of their lives.