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All of us have some sort of financial aspirations. If you want to buy a new car, move into your dream house, provide your children with the best education, or live a luxurious life after retirement, you need a financial strategy. By planning well, you can utilize your limited resources to the fullest.

At Aditya Finserv we have products which assist our clients in achieving all kinds of financial goals:

Health Insurance is a part of your Emergency Fund
An emergency fund is an amount of money that you can access at an hour of crisis or, for unexpected and unplanned scenarios, and not for meeting your routine expenses.
One of the biggest reasons for the sudden need of a large amount of money is a medical emergency- for you or your dependents. Considering the fact that you would want the best medical care for your family, in such situations, expenses can mount up and derail your finances. 
Health insurance, therefore, becomes the foundation of your emergency fund. If you haven’t opted for Health Insurance, you would need to plan for a bigger amount in your emergency fund. 
On the other hand, by paying a relatively small premium, you can be sure that you are protected against unexpected, high medical costs.   
Once you decide to buy health insurance coverage for yourself and your dependents, you need to allocate a budget for the premiums other than what you are saving in your Emergency Fund. 
We will assist you in selecting the right health insurance cover- one that is truly sufficient for yourself and your dependents. The key is choosing a sum assured that balances what you can afford as premium and what you might actually need.
Owning a property is always a major dream and milestone in the life of every individual or family. Buying (or building) a property, though, usually means taking out a home loan. A “home loan” is a loan advanced to you by a financial institution in return for security over the property you are using the loan to buy. Typically, a home loan will be repaid over a longer period, with regular repayments that are designed to pay off the loan over the contracted term.
At Aditya Finserv, we assist you with getting the best home loan available in the market for your needs through our experience and expertise. We strive to make this important financial step as simple as possible for you.
We have been assisting our clients with home loans for several years. We coordinate with most banking and other institutions for home loans to make sure that the terms of the agreement are friendly, and the rate of interest is the cheapest.
Mutual funds are a popular investment vehicle for investors. Investors who are just beginning their investment journey, or those with limited time can get the simplicity they need through mutual funds.  
Nowadays, mutual funds are gaining popularity. With the emphasis on the increase in domestic savings and improvement in the deployment of investment through markets, the need and scope for mutual fund operation increased tremendously.  An ordinary investor who applies for the share in a public issue of any company is not assured of any firm allotment. But mutual funds who subscribe to the capital issue made by companies get a firm allotment of shares.  Mutual funds later sell these shares in the same market or to the promoters of the company at a much higher price. 
For any investor, one of the first rules of investing is asset diversification. This means having multiple types of investments to manage risk. Mutual fund investments guarantee you the benefit of diversification of investment and asset allocation without the large amounts of cash needed to create individual portfolios.


Debt Mutual Funds

- FMPs

-Gilt Funds

-Income Funds

-Floating Rate Funds


Balanced Mutual Funds

-Debt Oriented Funds

-Equity Funds


Equity Mutual Funds

-Multi cap Funds

-Mid cap Funds

-Small cap Funds

A Will is a legal document that states your wishes regarding the distribution of your property, assets and belongings, and could also include the care of any minor children.
Will Writing is the first step towards ensuring a smooth succession and helps to avoid disputes or conflicts amongst the family. It also gives you sole discretion over the distribution of your assets. 
What is Estate Planning?
Estate Planning is a process that seeks to manage an individual’s or a family’s wealth in the event of an individual or key family member becoming incapacitated or their passing away. It includes intergenerational wealth transfer, business succession planning, trust planning, family wealth governance, estate tax planning etc.
Entrepreneurs are very good at creating wealth, but often they are not as skilful and ignore the importance of preserving their wealth over multiple generations. Wealth Preservation, Wealth Transfer and Succession Planning are very technical issues which require in-depth knowledge and specialized skills which need to be learnt and practised for perfection.